Winter and Spring Landscaping Have More in Common Than You Might Think
December 18, 2023

Winter and Spring Landscaping Have More in Common Than You Might Think

When winter sets in, it’s understandable that you might not picture yourself enjoying the outdoors any time soon. For those who love hosting and lounging in their own backyard oasis, winter can often feel like a season of waiting. But here’s the secret: it doesn’t have to be. Even in the heart of winter, you can make the most of not only your outdoor space, but also the time leading up to spring. Here’s how to embrace the cold while preparing for more warmth in the near (as far as it may seem) future.

Think a Season Ahead

While winter may seem like an unlikely time to think about spring, it’s actually the perfect opportunity to get ahead. Much like planning a dream vacation, envisioning your perfect spring garden begins in the chill of winter. Enjoy the downtime, find your inspiration, and contact High Tech Landscapes to put your ideal spring landscape into motion, from flowering shrubs to water and fire features or perhaps a brand-new patio. By laying out your landscaping plans early, you can enjoy a rich tapestry of color and beauty once spring finally arrives. In general, thinking a season ahead is the key to enjoying the best of each season’s natural beauty.

Illuminate Your Landscape

In winter, when the days are notably shorter, landscape lighting helps you safely navigate the perimeter of your home. High Tech’s residential landscape lighting services provide a vast array of lighting options from leading brands. Our lighting designers will guide you through the entire process, ensuring your vision is brought to light. With strategically placed outdoor lighting, you can create your own winter wonderland. Soft, gentle illumination highlights the beauty of snow-covered trees and casts a warm glow on your walkways.

Warm up Your Winter

Winter evenings by a crackling fire hold a unique allure, and a fire pit can be your gateway to warmth and coziness. It’s more than just a source of heat; it’s a focal point for outdoor enjoyment at a time when you didn’t think it was possible. Whether you prefer a wood-burning fire pit, a propane-fueled one, or even a custom fireplace, High Tech Landscapes can make it happen. Picture sipping hot cocoa with loved ones or roasting marshmallows on a chilly winter night. With a fire pit, your winter landscape becomes the backdrop for cherished memories.

Why Wait for Summer?

Your landscape should be a source of joy and inspiration throughout the year. When you spend winter planning and planting for spring, you’re passing time with productivity. Meanwhile, by enhancing your winter nights with landscape lighting and the warmth of a fire pit, you’re creating a space that you can enjoy for the time being (with plenty of layers, of course). It’s not about rushing through winter or wishing it away, but, instead, embracing it as a part of your year-round outdoor experience.

Simply Don’t Like the Cold?

That’s okay. If you don’t see yourself sitting outside in winter even on a mild day, remember, you can still use the time to prep for spring. It’s the best window to schedule any design-build projects without being rushed or sacrificing one bit of warm weather. From December to February is also an important stretch to plant spring bloomers like sweet peas, pansies, calendula, and others. Before you know it, you’ll begin to feel the signs of spring—and instead of “springing” into action, you’ll be able to kick back on that first warm day because the work will already be done.

We’re Here to Help

At High Tech Landscapes, we understand the value of a beautiful landscape, no matter the time of year, and we’re proud to serve the Garden State. Our services, from landscape lighting to fire pit installations, are designed to bring your dream New Jersey landscape to life. Learn more about our residential landscaping services NJ.

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