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April 2, 2021

Yard to Yard: Landscaping Upgrades from Front to Back of Your Home

Residential landscaping means much more than lawn care. It’s a form of expression, design and investment all at once. Landscaping upgrades enable you to truly embrace the joy of being a homeowner. They also add value to your home, in case you ever decide to sell.

When looking at your landscape and searching online for landscaping services, you might feel overwhelmed by the endless possibilities. High Tech Landscapes is here to help you see the big picture and plan out the perfect combination of outdoor features and amenities. Let’s take a walk around your home and point out a few potential suggestions.

Front: Curb Appeal

You want your home to look beautiful—best in class and best on the block. The front yard is always the starting point for homeowners hiring landscaping services. Easy ways to achieve curb appeal include planting annuals and perennials, creating a unique theme with craft accents, and, of course, taking good care of your lawn. Read more about the art of curb appeal.

Sides: Walkways & Lighting

What’s that? Oh, you’re so kind. Thanks for inviting us inside, but we’re all about the outside. Landscaping is our passion and profession! As we move on from the lawn and work our way to the backyard, we’re noticing the exterior of your home could use a paved walkway—and some lighting at night. Together, walkways and lighting make your landscape safer, while also adding aesthetics when you spring for quality materials and craftsmanship.

Garden: Water Feature

Humans are naturally drawn to water, not just for physical nourishment, but also to relax our minds and reflect. It looks like you’ve done a wonderful job with your garden. Green thumbs up! Now, let’s elevate the ambiance with water. Whether a small pond, fountain, stream or waterfall, a water feature can turn a typical garden into a true oasis.

Back: Patio

All right, we’ve made it. The main event: the backyard. This is where landscape meets lifestyle. There are so many ways to transform your backyard, from retaining walls to water and fire features to entire outdoor kitchens. But for most homeowners, the centerpiece is usually the patio. It’s where you can kick back with your family, host guests, and lounge in effortless luxury. Maybe you already have a patio that could use an upgrade. Or, you might have some green space to build a brand-new patio. Either way, High Tech can help.

We hope you enjoyed this walkthrough as much as we did. The next step is to contact us for any combination of landscaping ideas, options, advice and an estimate. We hope to hear from you soon!

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