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October 8, 2019

Why Fall Is the Best Time of the Year to Landscape Your Yard

Do you dream of transforming your yard into a beautiful oasis?

One of the most effective ways you can boost your home’s curb appeal is to pay special attention to landscaping. Having lush foliage with a trendy design can make your house look and feel more like a home.

Are you unsure of when is the best time of year to do landscaping? Keep reading to learn 7 reasons why fall is the perfect season to landscape your yard.

1. It’s the Perfect Time to Build Your Dream Landscape
If you’ve ever tried getting extensive yard work done in the spring or summer, you understand how surprising the results can be as time goes on. From the hot sun beating down on your plants to the heavy rainfalls, you never know what your yard will like by the end of the year. Even if all of your plants survive, it’s still challenging to predict how much they’ll grow and how they’ll complement the entire landscape.

In the fall, you don’t have to worry about getting surprised because all of your new plants will look relatively the same throughout the year. Since the climate is milder and the growing season is over, your plants won’t change much in appearance. As a result, fall is the perfect time to get an idea of how your landscape design will look year-round.

2. Plants Thrive in These Mild Conditions
If you think about how comfortable you feel outside during the fall, you can also imagine how great the plants feel, too. When it’s not too hot or cold, plants can relax. Once it starts getting cooler, plants finish their growing cycle and get ready to hibernate.

Fall landscaping can help your plants replenish after their growing season and keep them healthy throughout the winter. Once spring rolls around, they’ll have plenty of resources stored up to thrive.

3. You Won’t Have to Babysit Your Plants as Much
Beginners often think that spring is the best time to landscape because everything starts to grow again. Although you can be successful in the spring, you have to put in a lot of work to get the results you want. With lots of rainfall, unexpected snowstorms, and bouts of intense sunshine, all of these unpredictable conditions can shock your plants.

If your plants survive this tricky period, they’ll start to grow at a rapid pace. To help them flourish, they’ll require mulching, pruning, watering, and other care. Plants are great at giving back what they receive, but many homeowners aren’t prepared to keep up with their needs.

In the fall, plants slow down and recharge after their busy growing season. With minimal growth and pleasant outdoor conditions, they’re happy to hang out with minimal supervision.

4. New Plants Are More Likely to Survive
Since plants slow down their growth during the fall, they’re less likely to experience shock during the transplanting process. Even with the best care, shock can be powerful enough to kill all types of plants and trees. The best way to ensure your new plants stay comfortable is to plant them during the fall when they’re at their strongest.

There’s nothing worse than investing a lot of money on new plants only to watch them wilt. The reason why shock is more common during spring and summer is because plants transfer all of their energy outward into their roots and leaves. If the roots get damaged when they’re most sensitive, it’s harder for the plant to recover.

5. Planting in the Fall Leads to Explosive Growth in Spring
The reason why fall is the best time to do landscaping is because your plants will have time to prepare for a productive growing season in spring. Transplanting during the spring means your plants will have to devote more energy to getting acclimated and surviving.

If they can get comfortable during the fall, 100% of their energy can go toward growing in the spring.

6. A Strong Root Network Increases Longevity
Plants may not grow as much during the fall, but they won’t go into hibernation until the conditions get too cold in the winter. Although you may not see any flowering during the fall, a lot of good things can happen underground. As a plant’s roots get thicker and their network expands, they become much stronger.

An extensive root network allows plants to suck up more nutrients and survive harsher conditions. If you live somewhere windy, plants with deep roots will stay in the ground all year.

The best way to ensure your plants can live long, happy lives is to plant new ones during the fall. This slower growing period will give them more time to focus on developing their roots and acclimating to their new home.

7. Fall Is the Perfect Time to Enjoy Your Landscape
No matter what landscaping jobs you decide to do during the fall, your efforts are sure to pay off. If you install new lighting or start a garden, you’ll be able to relax outside and enjoy the beauty of your surroundings. Since the weather will be pleasant, it’s the perfect time to invite friends over for an outside dinner or bonfire party.

It’s Time to Landscape Your Yard
Now that you know the top 7 reasons why fall is the best time to landscape your yard, you can make sure your property looks flawless all year round.

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