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October 4, 2019

The 7 Things You Should Do for Your Landscape This Fall

Between the refreshing weather, seasonal fun, and upcoming winter, fall brings a true to-do list for homeowners who enjoy having a lively landscape. Some of the items are pure fun, while others are, yes, chores. Here’s what you’ll want and need to do:

Decorate for Halloween
Go ahead and start with the fun stuff. Halloween sneaks up quickly, and any time in October is fair game to start carving pumpkins. Better yet, create a complete theme to be the “it” house on Halloween.

Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space
It was really hot…and soon it’s going to be really cold. Now is the perfect time to enjoy outdoor living. It doesn’t matter whether your backyard is small or sprawling; you can turn it into a cozy fall hangout with professional landscape design. Will this be the year you finally invest in your own fire pit or outdoor kitchen?

Light the Night
Fall is a moody time of year. As the days get shorter, embrace the change with landscape lighting. Most people think of lighting primarily as a utility, but it can also be a design element that creates ambiance.

Plant Fall Annuals
By October, you’re a little late to the fall planting game. The season actually starts before the end of summer—but that’s okay! There is still time to plant your favorite fall annuals, including mums, pansies, and more.

Harvest Your Own Garden
Love local produce? Radishes and spinach can be planted in New Jersey in early fall to be harvested later in the season. Meanwhile, rosemary, thyme, mint, and other herbs can be grown year-round, even in winter. Next year, remember to plant lettuce, carrots, kale, and beets by mid-summer so that you can start harvesting in early fall.

Remove the Unwanted
Mushrooms are delicious in a savory entrée, but unsightly in your lawn when they sprout up after fall showers. Make no mistake; it’s actually a good sign if you have lawn mushrooms because it means your soil is healthy below the surface. Nevertheless, you want them gone. In New Jersey, High Tech’s Integrated Plant Health Care Systems division specializes in mushroom removal and many other often-overlooked landscaping services. Learn more.

Prep for Winter
For the fun that can be had with fall landscaping, keep in mind the importance of truly preparing your landscape for the bitter cold ahead. Core aeration and overseeding are two ways to protect your lawn against the harsh elements of winter. Learn more about these techniques here and contact High Tech for your fall landscaping.

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