If you want to ensure an even distribution and efficient usage of water, there are no shortcuts: your irrigation system must be installed properly.

Our Irrigation Division technicians bring over 20 years of New Jersey irrigation experience to your project, ensuring that your install goes smoothly from start to finish. Throughout our process, we adhere to the highest standards of quality control, protecting nature as best we can at every turn. We test, retest, and enable your system’s peak performance.

We also proactively chart out the best placement of your system to allow for the future development of your property and landscape.


As of January 2019, we are unfortunately no longer offering residential irrigation maintenance and repairs—only installation. Click here for the full announcement.

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    Important Service Announcement for Residential Irrigation Maintenance Customers

    We are fortunate to have a thriving and growing business here at High Tech Landscapes. Sometimes, that means making difficult but necessary decisions in order to balance our proud reputation and vision for our company’s future.

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