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June 1, 2017

Bring an Extra Pop of Color to Your Landscaping This Summer

Summer is a special time to be a homeowner. Whether you have a small yard, a sprawling lawn or an exquisite oasis, this is the time when you want to make the most of your outdoor space.

It all starts with color. From December through May, our lives here in New Jersey lack color. Spring is when nature comes alive, and summer is when it fully thrives. How can you bring more colors to your landscaping this summer?

Maximize Green
Green is the most prominent color of summer, especially when we have a rainy spring. With so many lush trees and plants around us, it’s easy to stop seeing beauty in green. Don’t let this happen! Remember, all of those leaves will fall in a few short months. Take summer as a chance to max out on green. No one has ever said, “That lawn is way too green.”

Be Bold
Color in nature is much more free-spirited than color in, say, architecture. When choosing and arranging your summer plants and flowers, don’t be afraid to mix colors. You can let your creativity roam free and create your own patterns, contrasts and themes.

Summer Flowers
Speaking of flowers, there are many to enjoy in summer. Azaleas can paint your June just about any color you’d like, and they’re only the start. See Sunset’s 9 easy summer flowers for inspiration.

Creative Accents
Color doesn’t have to be confined to your plants themselves. Pots, planters, vases, furniture and glassware all bring additional opportunities to give unexpected color to your landscaping.

Lawn, Tree and Plant Care
The brightest landscape is a healthy landscape. At High Tech, we help New Jersey homeowners make the most of the colors and the freedom of summer by keeping their lawns, trees and plants healthy and well maintained. You can enjoy time with your family and loved ones, while we take care of your landscaping. Learn more about our NJ residential landscaping services.

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