August 01 2016
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Make the Most of a Small Yard: 7 Quick Tips

Living in the most densely populated state in the U.S., New Jersey homeowners–especially those living in or near big cities–don’t always have the luxury of a sprawling backyard. But, any outdoor space should be appreciated and maximized. Looking to get more out of your small yard, lawn, patio or garden? Here are seven tips that will help.

Vertical Garden
Whether on the exterior of your home or a standalone wall, a vertical garden is an eye-catching and space-saving way to achieve variety. Country Living offers 19 creative ways to plant a vertical garden.

Upside Down Vegetables
You can grow some of New Jersey’s most bountiful summer crops right outside of your home, upside down! Tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers all lend themselves well to a hanging garden. You can even double up and grow herbs on the up-facing bottoms of the planters.

You might not think of putting a mirror outside, but mirrors are long known to make small spaces look bigger. A vintage wood frame can create rustic charm, while reflections of background foliage and trees add depth.

Pops of Color
Daylilies, geraniums and daisies make for bright summer colors that bring a small yard to life. And don’t think you can’t have fun colors in winter, too – HGTV provides tips for adding color to your winter garden. Also check out our own guide to garden color pairing.

Creative Planters
When it comes to choosing planters, the possibilities are endless. We’ve seen people use crates, mason jars, coffee canisters, and even old soda bottles for planters. Space-saving benefits aside, think of it this way: what your garden lacks in square footage, you can make up for with character.

You can’t make a small yard seem like an acre, but you can certainly make it feel nice and cozy. Consider closing off your space to play up the element of privacy. Think creatively! You can repurpose an old dresser drawer into a garden box, build a small storage shed from old doors and windows, or simply utilize a vertical garden to enclose a corner.

Professional Advice
Designing your garden is much more enjoyable when you have a professional landscaping company to bounce ideas off of and do the work for you. High Tech loves helping NJ homeowners bask in outdoor bliss–learn more about our residential landscape design services.