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These are no ordinary impatiens. Easy to plant and easy to grow, SunPatiens allow even novice gardening enthusiasts to turn up the color with nonstop blooming. This hybrid is able to thrive in heat, humidity, sun or rain, and is also less prone to disease thanks to its thick petals and foliage. The downy mildew that often plagues impatiens is no match for SunPatiens.

All SunPatiens need is well-drained soil, ample sun (contrary to other impatiens), and frequent watering for the first few weeks until the roots are well-established. Follow these basic guidelines, and you can expect some real flower power through spring, summer and even the first part of fall.

Did You Know?
SunPatiens are bred by the Japanese seed company Sakata, which created an entire website for them at

Other Fun Facts About SunPatiens

  • Sakata developed SunPatiens in collaboration with the Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (IAARD), using breeding material of Indonesia’s native species of impatiens.
  • SunPatiens are the first impatiens that can thrive in full sun to partial shade.
  • SunPatiens are three times larger than regular impatiens, with three times the bloom!
  • Sakata pays a share of SunPatiens royalty proceeds to the Indonesian government.

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