Fall Landscaping Ideas Find That Fall Feeling
August 1, 2017

Fall Landscaping Ideas to Find That Fall Feeling

After the sizzling New Jersey summer, most of us welcome the brisk breeze of fall. The changing of seasons also brings new scenery and inspiration for homeowners to reimagine their landscaping. Make your lawn, garden or backyard a little more picturesque this fall by following any combination of these simple, affordable fall landscaping tips.

Plant Fall Annuals
Mums, autumn sage and ornamental kale are a few of our favorite fall annuals. Plant these and other fall bloomers any time between late summer and early fall for bright flowers to complement the crisp fall foliage.

Let Your Light Shine
As the days get shorter, landscape lighting becomes both a necessity and a mood setter. At High Tech, we help customers find elegant outdoor lighting that brings out the best in your landscape when the sun goes down.

One trip to a home improvement store or fall farmers market is all it takes to pick up a few charming accent pieces, from rustic keepsakes to seasonal props and–of course–Halloween decorations. Just don’t go too overboard. Accents can quickly begin to feel like clutter when there are too many.

Leave Landscaping to the Professionals
Fall is a lovely time to be out and about with your family. After you’ve put initial thought into your fall décor and planting, let High Tech Landscapes do the work for you so you can spend more time enjoying the season’s festivities and holidays. We provide complete residential landscaping services, and are consistently ranked among the top 100 landscaping companies in the entire U.S. See how we can bring your landscape to life this fall by calling us at 732-595-4201 or emailing

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