Entertain in Style
June 1, 2018

Entertain in Style with Custom Landscape Design

Take a look at your landscape. If it’s not everything you’ve always wanted in an outdoor space, why not consider custom landscape design? You can enjoy your investment with your family, while also adding value to your home in case you wish to sell sometime down the road. Here are a few ways to make your landscape completely and uniquely yours.

Nothing beats sitting out on a patio on a warm summer day. Instead of going to a crowded restaurant, build a patio right in your backyard. It will be your own oasis, equally enjoyable in the cooler months when you switch from cold beverages to warm-me-ups like hot chocolate and cider. Pro tip: create a lightly winding walkway to make the experience even more charming.

Water & Fire Features
You don’t have to visit a resort to see waterfalls, fountains and ponds. Water features, along with fire features, such as a fireplace or fire pit, can be built on a smaller scale in almost any sized outdoor space. Again, don’t mistake your investment for a summer-only perk; having a fire pit outside your home makes winter much more approachable.

There are pools, and then there are poolscapes. If you’re fortunate enough to own a pool, High Tech can transform it into a lively poolscape with flowers, foliage, hardscaping and other elements that combine manmade and natural beauty.

Outdoor Kitchen
Bring dinner outside. We don’t mean opening the screen door and carrying your plate out; we’re talking about cooking up a meal in your outdoor kitchen! Whether you’re a bartender, grill master or executive chef at heart, an outdoor kitchen can include everything you would find in an indoor kitchen. See a few examples for inspiration here.

What’s Your Dream Landscape?
We haven’t even scraped the surface of the things you can do with your landscape. Surely, you have ideas of your own; we want to hear them! Tell us your dream landscape on social media using the buttons below, and contact us if you would like to explore the possibility of bringing your vision to life!

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