Bake the Outdoors
November 2, 2020

5 Ways to Bake the Outdoors into Your Thanksgiving

With temperatures typically in the 50s and rarely dropping below the 40s, late November is a perfectly viable time to embrace the outdoors in New Jersey. In 2020, we may want to go toward the fresh air more so than ever—perhaps even bringing Thanksgiving outdoors—to reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission.

Just like many restaurants are still offering outdoor dining into the cooler months, you can get creative in making your outdoor space part of your Turkey Day. Here are a few fun ideas:

Porch D’oeuvres

Have a home with curb appeal? Take a tray of appetizers out to the front porch and look out at the lush lawn that you and your landscaping company work so hard to maintain. Appreciate the last of the falling leaves as you daydream about skipping winter and going right to spring.

Coats & Cocktails

Sitting outside can get a little chilly. Sometimes, it’s more warming to stand so you can keep moving. While everyone is waiting for the feast, proclaim a cocktail hour in the backyard, with drinks in hand and gratitude at heart. Remind your guests to grab their coats!

All Out(side)

If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor kitchen, consider hosting your entire Thanksgiving outside! The 2020 holiday season is a good time to envision your outdoor kitchen for cold weather and purchase heat lamps so that you can get extra use out of this luxury amenity in winter. 

Pie on the Patio

Maybe you decided to keep things traditional and host Thanksgiving in the warmth of your home…and here comes the turkey coma. Stay awake by stepping out into the brisk breeze and recharging with a slice of apple or pumpkin pie on the patio. Take a moment to reflect on everything for which you’re thankful, especially during these crazy times. And then you may sleep (or nap and go back for seconds).

Fire Pit Feels

A fire pit makes a cozy, yet socially distanced gathering spot for your family, year-round, right in your backyard. And whether in place of or in addition to pie, roasted marshmallows are a fan favorite, adding to the fall feeling that makes Thanksgiving extra special. In fact, a fire pit is one of our top landscape investments for the fall enthusiast.

Looking to make both an immediate and long-term investment in your home? Outdoor home improvements are at an all-time high as many homeowners seek to stay safe at home in style. Finance your dream outdoor space with High Tech Landscapes.

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