thanksgiving 2021
November 1, 2021

4 Landscape Investments You’ll Be Thankful for on Thanksgiving

Many of us moved our holiday hosting outdoors in 2020, baking outdoor living into Thanksgiving with porch d’oeuvres, pie on the patio or an entire feast outside. Even if you prefer to stay warm and cozy indoors, having guests over for Thanksgiving is an opportunity to show off your home inside and out. Bring equal parts form and function to your outdoor space ahead of the holidays with these essential upgrades:


Spending time with loved ones on Thanksgiving Day is truly a gift, but sometimes it can get a little stuffy when everyone is inside with the oven, stove and possibly even the heat on all at once. Knowing that guests may want to step outside for some fresh air, make your outdoor space safer with paved walkways. High Tech Landscapes can help create custom trails and paths that are easy on the eyes and friendly to the feet. Follow our lead.


With daylight saving having gone away, even the earliest Thanksgiving dinner (3 p.m., anyone?) will go well into the night. To complement a paved walkway, add landscape lighting. It will give impressive curb appeal for guests arriving at dinner, while giving you that cozy feeling every time you look outside. Motion sensors can make your landscape lighting automatic, while elegant fixtures serve as outdoor home accents. High Tech has expert lighting designers to take you through the process. Let us light the way.


Of course, you want to plan your holiday feast to perfection. But for all the planning you do, it’s nice to give people options. Every Thanksgiving has a little bit of “go with the flow” based on where guests gravitate to and who they mingle with most. Transform your patio into a point of pride not just for the holidays, but even more so come spring and summer. Your walkways and lighting lead to the patio; it all comes together naturally.

Fire Pit

As long as the weather isn’t soggy or snowing, the crisp, cool air can be really refreshing—especially after dinner, when everyone’s stuffed. When you have a fire pit in your backyard, fall and winter can be completely transformed into outdoor seasons. And on Thanksgiving, you can end the evening recapping family memories by the fire. Which type of custom fire pit is right for your outdoor space? We’ll help you decide as part of our design-build process. Spark your inspiration.

Happy Thanksgiving from High Tech! We hope you find creative ways to enjoy your outdoor space on the holiday.

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