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Arboriculture is the care of trees and shrubs, particularly in urban settings. An arborist is a professional who cares for trees and other woody plants by pruning, fertilizing, monitoring for insects and diseases, consulting on tree related issues and occasionally planting, transplanting and removing.

 Maintenance is critical to ensure the health and longevity of trees near your home or business. Trees are an important landscaping feature that may go overlooked or underestimated. Socially and aesthetically, trees add beauty and depth to any setting, as well as shade and color. A tree can be sentimental or artistic in any garden or pathway and can also be an important part of the community. Trees regulate the climate and air, as well as provide nutrients to soil and give animals a home. The benefits to the environment are endless.

 Like all living things, if not cared for properly, a tree can become a burden or damaging. Our in house professionals provide annual tree inspections to look for disease infestation and harmful insects, as well as, deep-root fertilization to add nutrients that aids in the health and durability of a tree. Proper pruning is crucial in keeping a strong and vibrant tree year after year. Pruning removes the problem that these diseases and insects cause or the dead limbs that could be affecting the entire tree. Our professionals use extreme care to make sure not to weaken or over-care for trees in their natural setting. In some cases, tree removal is necessary if it is causing damage to the property or needs to be relocated. We can help to determine the proper course of action in a timely and effective manner.

Why Hire a Certified Arborist?

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  • Deep-root fertilization
  • Tree Removal
  • Pruning & Trimming
  • Relocation
  • Stump Removal
  • Cabling/Bracing
  • Storm Damage
  • Deer Repellent


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