Colorful flower garden with ornamental kale, chrysanthemum, fox tail grass

5 Fall Annuals We Love

Fall will bring out the gardener in any homeowner, even those who haven’t previously taken up the hobby. New Jersey is an especially beautiful place to appreciate the season’s beauty, because the crisp yet comfortable weather offers ideal conditions for flowers that bloom in autumn. And some even last into winter! Here are five of […]


A Note from Our Happy Clients at Rossmoor

We take tremendous pride in our work here at High Tech Landscapes, especially when it comes to tall tasks such as managing more than 400 acres of landscaping for one of New Jersey’s most beautiful communities. When we received a friendly letter in the mail from residents at Rossmoor, the award-winning, active adult community in […]

Cozy garden patio with table and chairs.

Make the Most of a Small Yard: 7 Quick Tips

Living in the most densely populated state in the U.S., New Jersey homeowners–especially those living in or near big cities–don’t always have the luxury of a sprawling backyard. But, any outdoor space should be appreciated and maximized. Looking to get more out of your small yard, lawn, patio or garden? Here are seven tips that […]


NJ Summer Gardening: 5 Essential Tips From High Tech

Early summer is glorious here in New Jersey, especially for gardening enthusiasts. But once the heat and humidity settle in, the “dog days” can do major damage to your garden. Don’t let a heat wave ruin your backyard’s beauty and bounty–here are the five most important gardening tips for summer: Be Vigilant with Watering You […]

Small garden in springtime with dachshund dog sitting on the lawn.

How to Control Summer Fungus in Your Garden

New Jersey’s hot, humid summers can cause major fungus problems in your garden. While summer fungus–such as the infamous powdery mildew–might not be directly fatal to your plants, it can cause extreme blight that spreads rapidly and accelerates fall dormancy. And if left untreated, blight can ultimately kill a plant. Don’t let fungus take over […]

Lilac bush

Fragrant Plants for Spring

Spring is best known for its bright colors, but it can also be lovely on the nose. There are many plants and flowers that are as fragrant as they are beautiful. You can add a few of them to your garden to create a glorious spring experience right outside your home and savor New Jersey’s […]


What’s New at High Tech?

High Tech is getting bigger and better every year! As one of New Jersey’s premier landscaping companies, we are proud to share some exciting changes within our team heading into spring: Big Moves Congratulations to the following team members on their well-deserved promotions! Drew Mazurki – Now Health & Safety Manager Mike Woronowicz – Now […]

Mule Deer in Backyard

5 Deer Resistant Plants for NJ Homeowners

As beautiful and graceful as deer are, they can absolutely destroy your landscaping. The deer population is vast, and especially active in the early months of spring. If deer are treating your garden like a 24-hour diner, consider replacing your current plants with these 5 plants known for being deer resistant. Keep in mind that […]