Irrigation Winterizations are coming to an end! If you haven’t winterized your system yet please call our office ASAP to schedule (908-393-8334). Please be advised that the water to your system needs to be shut off at this point to prevent winter freeze.
NOTE: if scheduled after Thanksgiving, there will be an additional service charge.


November 15 2017
know your plants Chrysanthemum


Chrysanthemums–better known simply as “mums”–are a staple of fall in New Jersey. In fact, they are arguably the most popular flowers in the world (perhaps taking second place only to roses). The name “chrysanthemum” comes from Greek “chrysos” (gold) and “anthos” (flower). However, the plant originates from China, where it was cultivated as a flowering […]

November 15 2017
know your plants Ornamental Kale

Ornamental Kale

Looking to bring some color to a stark winter landscape? Look no further than ornamental cabbage and kale, colorful cousins of two produce aisle mainstays. Ornamental kale can withstand most New Jersey winters, so long as we don’t see record snowfall and single digit temperatures for an unusually long period of time. Homeowners love ornamental […]

November 01 2017

Make This Winter A Little More Colorful

After the splendor of autumn, winter can be somewhat of a letdown to the eyes. Snow is pretty as it falls, but loses its charm when it melts to slush. How can you find aesthetic appeal in the dead of winter? Try bringing any combination of these colorful winter plants into your garden. Winterberry True […]

October 16 2017
HighTech Landscaping Commercial Snow Removal

Our Commercial Snow Removal is Now Faster and More Effective Than Ever

Snow removal and ice management are essential services for New Jersey businesses through the winter months. When a snowstorm hits, you need a fast response with even faster results to ensure your property has safe footing and unobstructed access. As a leader in the landscaping and commercial snow removal industry, High Tech Landscapes is continually […]

October 01 2017
Water & Fire Features We Love

Water & Fire Features We Love

Water and fire features capture the eyes and imagination of guests. They create a soothing ambiance, and bring motion to your landscape. As top landscape architects in New Jersey, High Tech has the pleasure of building unique water and fire features for homeowners all over the Garden State. Custom Fire Pits A fire pit can […]

October 01 2017
5 Fun Halloween Landscaping Themes

5 Fun Halloween Landscaping Themes

Halloween night brings a surge of foot traffic to your home, making it one of the best holidays for decorating. It’s also the heart of fall scenery, which is why so many homeowners get excited to give their landscaping a festive facelift as soon as October arrives. If you’re looking for some inspiration to kick-start […]

October 01 2017

How to Winterize Your Landscaping

Fall is an extremely important time for your landscape. You want to do everything you can to protect your grass and plants from the wrath of winter so that they “spring” to life when warmer weather returns. Take the time to winterize your landscaping with the following steps. Irrigation Winterization starts with closing your irrigation […]

September 29 2017
Ash Tree Endangered

Five Ash Tree Species Now Critically Endangered Due to Emerald Ash Borers

A recent article in Total Landscape Care reports that the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has now listed five prominent species of North American ash trees–green, white, blue, black, and pumpkin–as critically endangered. The news comes amidst a nationwide infestation of the emerald ash borer, a metallic green beetle roughly the size of […]

September 01 2017
Renovating Your Patio? Shine Light On It

Renovating Your Patio? Shine Light On It

A well-designed patio is like a getaway right in your backyard. When you’re creating a patio or any outdoor space, lighting is a key element to consider – during the planning phases, not as an afterthought! Here are a few things our patio builders suggest to keep in mind: Functionality First and foremost, lighting serves […]