January 15 2019
know your plants Arborvitae

Emerald Green Arborvitae

With its slender shape and medium height, emerald green arborvitae is often used as a screen for those who want privacy but not necessarily complete isolation. The pyramidal tree is dense, yet elegant; tall, yet moderate. Emerald green arborvitaes prefer deep, well-drained soil and full sun. Frequent watering during the first year will allow these […]

January 15 2019
green giant arborvitae

Green Giant Arborvitae

If you’re searching for a fast-growing tree to provide hedges or screening, the green giant arborvitae is a top pick. Also known as the Thuja Green Giant, this evergreen grows at an impressive pace of up to three feet per year, eventually reaching upward of 50 feet tall! When high winds whip through New Jersey, […]

December 27 2018
know your plants BirdsnestSpruce

Birdsnest Spruce

While many spruces stand tall and triangular, the birdsnest spruce is unique for its flat, round stature. It is essentially a mound of bright green foliage that grows out instead of up. Perhaps the best quality of this dwarf cultivar is that its foliage remains lush year-round, with minimal maintenance required. Its low, slow growth […]

December 27 2018

Skip Laurel

Looking for a large shrub to provide privacy for your garden or backyard? Look no further than skip laurel, also known as any combination of schip, schipka and cherry laurel. This evergreen shrub requires virtually no maintenance once established and will grow up to two feet per year to its mature height of 10-18 feet. […]

November 30 2018
Banner Year for High Tech

2018: Another Banner Year for High Tech

In landscaping, being the best in the business entails excellence in every aspect, from the customer experience to the results and return on investment. Year after year, High Tech rises to its longstanding reputation, garnering awards and recognition from the industry’s leading publications. In 2018, we are proud to be included in these national rankings: […]

November 19 2018
dragon lady holly

Dragon Lady Holly

Dragon Lady holly could very well be the best-named plant around. Evergreen, elegant and easy to care for, this shrub can be used in virtually any landscape. Growing to approximately 15 feet tall by 6 feet wide, Dragon Lady holly is one of the slimmer trees you’ll find. When planted in full sun to partial […]

November 19 2018
know your plants Holly

Oak Leaf Holly

From the prized Red Holly series sprouts Oak Leaf holly, the most upright of its hybrid relatives. This evergreen shrub grows in a pyramidal shape, with bright red berries in winter and bronze to burgundy leaf growth in spring. Oak Leaf holly brings year-round interest and privacy. Plant it in partial to full sun and […]