May 09 2017


Azaleas are flowering shrubs that burst with color in May and June. They belong to the Ericaceae family, commonly known as the heath or heather family, in the wooded plant genus, Rhododendron. With 16 species native to the East Coast alone, azaleas are one of the most popular garden plants in New Jersey. And that’s […]

May 01 2017

Perennials vs. Annuals: What’s the Difference?

Do you know which plants and flowers in your garden will need to be replanted next spring? How about which ones will bloom by themselves? The difference between perennials and annuals is one of the foundations of home gardening. Here’s a quick guide to help you decipher between the two. The Short Answer Perennials typically […]

April 01 2017

New Jersey Poolscaping 101

There are pools, and then there are poolscapes. A pool is nice on its own, especially on a hot summer day. But a poolscape complete with flowers, plants and pathways–now that’s pure bliss. Here are a few tips for creating the perfect poolscape. Start with Design Whether you already own a pool or are looking […]

March 31 2017

More from Rossmoor: A Second Letter of Praise

Awhile back, we shared a commercial landscaping testimonial from Rossmoor, the sprawling, 400-acre active adult community in Monroe Township, NJ. We were delighted to receive a second letter of praise, reading: “Paul, Thank you for all your help. It is a pleasure working with Jeff; he is a team player who is willing to listen […]

March 31 2017


One of the most rewarding bulbs in gardening, the tulip belongs to the genus, Tulipa, in the lily family, Liliaceae. Tulips come in just about every color imaginable, and similarly to roses, each color means something different. Red tulips are a symbol of true love, while yellow tulips are associated with cheerful thoughts. To bring […]

March 17 2017


Also known as primula, primrose is one of spring’s early bloomers across the Northern Hemisphere, making it a mainstay in New Jersey home gardens. This cool season annual typically blooms from March through May, and comes in a wide variety of colors including yellow, red, pink, purple and white. Primrose usually grows to be 4-6 […]

March 02 2017

Why Every Landscape Needs a Spring Cleaning

There are lawns, and then there are landscapes. To achieve the latter–as in the beautiful, the inspiring, and the extraordinary–it takes extra care and attention to detail. The start of spring is a particularly pivotal time for your landscaping–at least if you want the vibrant life and colors that make spring so special. Here’s why […]

March 01 2017

De-Winterizing Your Irrigation System

The first true landscaping triumph of spring is de-winterizing your sprinkler system. This is when you know that a beautiful lawn and lively garden are just around the corner. However, de-winterizing is a tricky and time-consuming process that involves: Checking the valves and turning them on slowly Inspecting for leaks Setting the timer Making necessary […]