May 11 2018
know your plants fringe tree

Fringe Tree

A fringe tree can be a fantastic addition to a New Jersey landscape. Native to the southeastern U.S. and able to grow just about anywhere in the country, fringe trees typically blossom in early spring with fragrant white flowers. Deep green leaves last through summer, giving way to bright yellow foliage in fall. Fringe trees […]

May 11 2018
know your plants Forest Pansy Redbud

Forest Pansy Redbud

The Forest Pansy Redbud is one of the most spectacular flowering trees you’ll find. In early spring, it bursts to life with bright shades of purple and red, slowly changing to a lush green in summer. Then, in fall, the colors return, this time in the form of fiery yellow and orange hues. One of […]

May 08 2018
Vertical Garden

10 Landscaping Trends for a Fabulous Garden

Just as interior design trends come and go, landscaping trends also move with the times. Whether you’re looking to increase the value of your property or revitalize your yard, keeping up with this year’s trends will help you get the most out of your outdoors. Here are 10 of our favorite trends in landscape design to get […]

April 19 2018

Post-Easter Feedback from the Four Seasons at Readington

As the preferred landscaping provider to the beautiful Four Seasons @Readington community, High Tech is responsible for maintaining and enhancing their grounds year-round.  But Spring is an especially invigorating time here as the flowers and foliage come to life.  We recently received a letter from the Four Seasons at Readington’s property manager, Valerie, who wrote […]

April 17 2018

Blue Star Juniper

Blue Star juniper is a needled evergreen shrub with a distinct blue-metallic hue. Growing primarily outward as opposed to upward, this dense plant prefers full sun and dry soil. It requires minimal care, especially when planted with ample space all around. Prune as desired. Did You Know? Blue Star juniper contrasts nicely with rocks and […]