March 4, 2020

Welcome Spring with a Property Refresh

With March’s arrival, it’s time to tackle early spring grass and garden chores. After a hard winter, your landscaping needs TLC—and a good spring cleaning. Wind, ice and snow take a toll on well-kept lawns and hardscapes, leaving behind unhealthy or even hazardous conditions. Property cleanup makes way for renewal—and gives you a head start on vibrant flower beds and a barefoot-ready lawn.

Do you have a busy lifestyle that doesn’t include time for DIY projects? Outsource landscape cleanup and mulching with High Tech Landscapes. Call today—732.356.4975—before the spring growing season is underway.

Pre-Spring Landscape Prep in Three Simple Steps

The most beautiful and healthy landscapes start with hard work and routine chores you’d rather put off ‘til another day. Resist the procrastination bug—and grab a rake, broom and trash bags. There’s a nice payoff once you’re done: landscaping that’s safe, attractive and easier to maintain throughout the summer.

STEP 1: Start with a clean slate.
Your lawn and garden get a seasonal reset when you clear unsightly winter debris that accumulates on grass, walkways and mulched beds. Wind, melting snow and ice litter your property, leaving piles of twigs and pinecones in their wake. Without removal, these debris nests turn into safe harbors for lawn and garden pests. Spend a weekend sweeping walks and raking debris from grass and planting beds. Today’s hard work will be rewarded with fewer late-season weeds and unwanted critters.

STEP 2: Clear and inspect walkways and patios.
Landscape features take a beating from Mother Nature. Winter storms and changing temperatures split timbers, crack concrete and displace pavers and stepping stones. When the snow is gone and temperatures start to warm, perform a comprehensive inspection of these hardscape features:

  • Patios
  • Fences
  • Fire pits
  • Planters
  • Fountains
  • Garden steps
  • Retaining walls
  • Pathways
  • Landscape borders & flower curbing
  • Tennis & basketball courts

If you spot significant damage, schedule repairs with the High Tech pros. It’s easier and less costly to do repairs now—before vulnerable grass, flowers and shrubs are in full growth.

STEP 3: Refresh mulched areas.
At the end of a long winter, landscape mulch looks tired and compacted. You can easily revitalize mulched features with a fresh layer of organic material. Choose a colored mulch that contrasts with your home’s exterior or accents a patio or retaining wall. First, remove some of the old mulch to prevent excessive build-up. Then, edge borders and spread the new material around trees, bushes and perennial plantings. A layer of fresh, organic mulch prevents spring weeds and protects young plants from drying out in warmer weather.

Not a Do-It-Yourselfer? Leave Spring Lawn Chores to the Pros

Property cleanup and mulching check off the first tasks on your spring to-do list, but there’s more hard work ahead. If you’d rather be fishing, golfing or doing anything else this spring, leave your tree, shrub and lawn care to High Tech Landscaping and IPHCS.

To contract with our grounds maintenance team, call us at 732.356.4975 or request an on-site consultation online.

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