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July 1, 2018

Spending Summer in Your Backyard? We’ve Got You Covered

There is so much to love about summer in New Jersey, from home gardening to grilling to poolside lounging. But, the season’s bliss doesn’t come without a few drawbacks for homeowners looking to enjoy their outdoor space. Whether you have a modest backyard retreat or an entire oasis, High Tech is here to help make summer everything you love and nothing you don’t.

Insect Control
If you were to take a survey of what New Jerseyans like the least about summer, bugs would certainly be a consensus frontrunner. As long as you take basic steps–like taking out the trash daily, wiping down countertops and using a bug barrier spray–to keep away the creepy crawlies, the bigger worries are fleas, ticks and mosquitos. They are the disease carriers that reproduce at astounding rates. Insect control for your landscaping should consist of ongoing, organic treatment to proactively keep these tiny pests at bay.

Weed Control & Lawn Care
Seeding your lawn and mowing the grass at a higher height will help to minimize weed growth, but these DIY measures won’t necessarily eliminate weeds through late summer, which is peak crabgrass and broadleaf weed season. Your best bet for deep green, weed-free turf is a professional lawn care company that can implement a complete turf care program.

Grub Control
Don’t freak out if you find a lawn grub or two in summer. If you notice dead patches of grass and/or many active grubs when you pull back a section of soil, however, take action immediately and call a professional. Grubs are a living vicious circle, starting as the larvae of beetles in summer and combing back as beetles themselves the following spring. High Tech offers insect control and grub control in tandem.

Landscape Design
Enough of the pests; let’s talk about the fun stuff. Summer is all about being outside with loved ones, and relaxing in comfort and style. If you’re fortunate enough to have an outdoor space, make the most of it by designing your dream landscape. Think walkways, water and fire features, a retaining wall, or maybe even an outdoor kitchen.

Now that you know what’s needed for your summer landscaping, it’s time for us–not you–to get to work. Call High Tech Landscapes at 732-564-7132 and tell us how we can help make this your best summer yet.


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