Lighting and Ambiance for Evening Entertaining in a New Jersey Yard
October 25, 2023

Lighting and Ambiance for Evening Entertaining in a New Jersey Yard

When hosting backyard gatherings at night in New Jersey, landscape lighting and ambiance elements set the stage for a beautiful setting. The right lighting transforms your yard into a gorgeous evening oasis perfect for dining, relaxing, or entertaining. Here are some lighting ideas for creating an inviting nighttime atmosphere.

String Lights 

String lights instantly add cozy ambiance and a festive touch overhead. Stretch them between trees, posts, or overhead structures like pergolas. Opt for classic white bulb or go bold with colors. Use clear or frosted globes for soft lighting. Incorporate lighting that is durable and weather-appropriate.


Strategically placed lanterns make wonderful accent lighting and provide visibility along paths and seating areas. Go for a harmonious look by selecting lantern styles and finishes that coordinate. Use LED or solar-powered options for easy maintenance. Place lanterns on posts, steps, and tables throughout the yard.


Spotlights artfully illuminate focal points like specimen trees or architectural elements. Up-lights placed in ground shine upward to highlight features. Silhouette trees and structures with down-lighting. Use floodlights, path lights or landscape spotlights to spotlight key areas.

Fire Features 

Fire features like pits, bowls, and portable heaters provide gorgeous ambient light. Guests will be drawn to the warmth and glow. Use fire glass or lava rock to reflect and amplify the light. Ensure proper safety clearances are in place around any fire installation.

The right lighting transforms a New Jersey backyard into a magical evening oasis perfect for entertaining into the night any time of year.

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