Integrating Low-Maintenance Landscaping With Hardscaping in New Jersey
November 7, 2023

Integrating Low-Maintenance Landscaping With Hardscaping in New Jersey

When designing your New Jersey yard, you can balance lush landscapes with low-maintenance hardscaping. Combining plants with paved surfaces reduces upkeep while maximizing function and enjoyment. Here are some tips for integrating hardscaping and plantings.

Define Activity Zones

Use hardscapes like patios, walkways, and decks to delineate specific activity areas. For example, install a patio for outdoor dining space and walkways linking recreational zones. This provides firm surfaces for furnishings and foot traffic while keeping lawns open.

Complement With Plants

Surround hardscaped spaces with native plants and ornamental grasses tailored to New Jersey’s climate. Choose perennials, bushes, shrubs, and trees that provide seasonal interest while requiring minimal care. Evergreen shrubs, low-growing succulents and perennial flowers are excellent options.

Add Hardscape Features

Incorporate hardscaping features like benches, planters, stone walls, and beds of gravel or mulch. Line planting beds and trails with stone borders or edging. Add accent features like pathways, fountains, statuary, and lighting fixtures to complement the greenery.

Provide Maintenance Access

Be sure to allow adequate access around landscaped areas for maintenance needs. Leave appropriate turf margins between planting beds and surfaces to accommodate lawn equipment. Install weed barrier fabric under gravel beds to keep weeds at bay.


Blending complementary hardscapes and plants creates multifunctional outdoor spaces that look amazing while minimizing upkeep. Work with landscape professionals to integrate the ideal mix of surfaces and greenery in your New Jersey yard.

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