Incorporating Water Features Like Ponds and Fountains in New Jersey Landscapes
November 2, 2023

Incorporating Water Features Like Ponds and Fountains in New Jersey Landscapes

The sight and sound of moving water can instantly enhance the tranquility and visual appeal of outdoor spaces. Consider incorporating water features like ponds and fountains into your landscape design. They provide benefits that go beyond beauty.


Installing a pond or lake on your New Jersey property creates an inviting aquatic habitat. Choose pond variations like formal geometric ponds versus freeform, natural shapes. Ponds attract beneficial wildlife like frogs, turtles and dragonflies that eat mosquitos and other pests. Select water-loving plants to place along the edges.


The pleasant sound of splashing or running water from fountains does wonders for masking unwanted noises and bringing serenity. Fountains come in endless styles, from dramatic tiered statement pieces to simple birdbath types. Place them in prime focal areas like entry gardens, patios, or near seating areas.

Pools and Streams

Turn your swimming pool area into a backyard oasis by incorporating a negative edge infinity design or adjacent water channels. Or, direct runoff into rocky streams and waterfalls. This enhances the resort-like ambiance.

Maintenance Needs

Be sure to account for maintenance when adding any water feature. Ponds and fountains require cleaning and water quality management. Consult landscaping professionals to incorporate systems that help streamline upkeep.


Water elements allow you to bring the essence of New Jersey’s natural beauty to your own yard or garden. The sights and sounds create an instantly relaxing escape right at home.

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