Decorating a Pool Area for Fun and Relaxation in New Jersey
November 16, 2023

Decorating a Pool Area for Fun and Relaxation in New Jersey

For many New Jersey homeowners, a swimming pool creates an oasis for relaxation, family time, and outdoor entertaining. Decoration and landscape design around the area around your pool can help set the mood and theme. Here are some ideas for transforming your pool space into a fun backyard escape.

Incorporate Comfortable Seating and Lounging Areas

Comfort is key when designing a pool area. Include chairs, chaise lounges, daybeds, and benches for seating. Use weather-resistant cushions and pillows in bright colors and patterns. Space furniture to allow room for moving around the pool deck. Incorporate tables for holding drinks and snacks poolside. 

Use Umbrellas and Cabanas for Shade 

Protect people from the sun with large umbrella structures and permanent or temporary cabanas. Choose umbrellas in bright solids or stripes that coordinate with your deck furniture. For a more permanent option, build or install a wooden pergola or gazebo to provide shade.

Add Fun Play Elements

Turn your pool into a water park with the addition of play structures like slides, diving boards, basketball hoops, and inflatable features. These elements keep kids entertained for hours while swimming. Adults may enjoy features like tiki bars, hot tubs, and state-of-the-art sound systems.

Incorporate Ambiance Features

From pathways lighting along the deck to fire pits and tiki torches, lighting adds drama and ambiance after the sun goes down. Lanterns, string lights and torch lighting allow the area to be enjoyed at night. Fire features provide warmth and glow.


The right amenities and decor elements can turn your New Jersey pool area into a backyard oasis for relaxation, family bonding, and entertainment from day to night all season long.

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