Choosing the Right Plants and Trees for Privacy in a New Jersey Yard
January 4, 2024

Choosing the Right Plants and Trees for Privacy in a New Jersey Yard

When landscaping your yard in New Jersey, privacy from neighbors or the street may be a concern. The thoughtful use of screening plants and trees can help block unwanted views without losing the benefits of natural light and air flow. Here are some of the best tips form our New Jersey landscape company for adding privacy to your yard.

Arborvitae are fast-growing evergreen trees perfect for privacy screens and hedges. They have dense foliage that provides year-round screening. Columnar varieties can grow quite tall yet remain narrow, making them ideal for placement along property borders and delineating yard zones.

Boxwood shrubs are beloved in New Jersey for their versatility. They have small leaves and a compact growing habit, making them excellent hedging plants. Boxwoods keep their foliage through winter. Use them as low borders and property dividers. Plant them close together to form solid barriers.

For quick, tropical-style privacy, bamboo is a great option. Clumping bamboo forms dense stands of tall, slender stems. It naturally grows in groves, creating the ultimate living screen. Hardy varieties for New Jersey provide multi-season interest with golden fall color.

Large Deciduous Trees
Maples, beeches, oaks and other large shade trees provide overhead canopies that block views and filter light. Cluster or arrange them to delineate public and private zones. They also enhance aesthetics with beautiful shapes and seasonal color.

With the right plant selections, you can balance privacy and beauty in your New Jersey landscape design. The key is choosing the proper placement and species tailored to your specific needs.

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