Choosing Materials for Patio and Deck Construction in New Jersey
November 28, 2023

Choosing Materials for Patio and Deck Construction in New Jersey

If you’re planning a new patio or deck build for your New Jersey home, one of the biggest decisions is choosing the right materials. With our state’s varying seasons and weather conditions, you’ll want to select durable, low-maintenance materials able to withstand the elements. Here are some top options to consider when constructing patio and deck spaces in New Jersey.


Concrete makes a great material choice for patios in New Jersey. It’s affordable, extremely durable, and can last for decades. Concrete patios perform well through cold winters, wet weather, and everything in between. They can be poured into customized shapes and patterns and have a neutral color that complements most homes.


For a unique rustic aesthetic, flagstone is a go-to patio material in New Jersey. Available in various earth tone colors, flagstone has a timeless irregular look. The natural stone stands up well to moisture and the freeze-thaw cycles of New Jersey winters. Flagstone works nicely for patios, walkways, or accent areas in a landscape design.

Composite Decking 

Composite decking has grown in popularity in recent years thanks to its durability and low maintenance. Made from a blend of recycled plastics and wood fibers, composites resist rot, splintering, cracks, and mold. Composite deck boards have a lightly textured wood look available in various color options. They perform better than real wood in New Jersey’s climate.

Cedar Wood

For those who prefer real wood, cedar is a great decking choice for New Jersey. Cedar contains oils that act as natural preservatives to help resist insects, decay, and moisture damage. It has a pleasing wood grain and aroma. Though cedar requires periodic sealing, it can last for decades with proper care.   


Choosing patio and deck materials for your outdoor living space is an important decision. Consider cost, appearance, and time you want to dedicate to maintenance when selecting the right option for your home. As seasoned NJ landscapers, High Tech Landscapes will gladly help you choose the best materials.

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