Renovating Your Patio
September 1, 2017

Renovating Your Patio? Shine Light On It

A well-designed patio is like a getaway right in your backyard. When you’re creating a patio or any outdoor space, lighting is a key element to consider – during the planning phases, not as an afterthought! Here are a few things our patio builders suggest to keep in mind:

First and foremost, lighting serves as a means of safe passage to and from your outdoor space. This is especially necessary here in New Jersey, where the days are short from fall to spring. Before you get into lighting styles, be sure to identify specifically where and to what degree light is needed. Patio lighting can also bring an extra sense of security by discouraging trespassers in the night.

Once you’ve established functionality, you can let creativity come into play. There are so many different outdoor lighting options to explore, from lanterns and torches to hanging lights, ceiling lights and more. As you’re selecting your lights, envision the type of atmosphere you’re intending to create. Think in words like “relaxed,” “cozy,” “comforting,” “enlivening” and any other ambiances that might come to mind.

Energy Efficiency
LEDs have opened up new ways to have beautiful lighting while also conserving energy (and in turn, saving money on your utility bill). Likewise, convenient features such as motion sensors and timers make it easier than ever to enjoy your outdoor lighting without being wasteful.

Professional Lighting Design
As a full-service landscape architect, High Tech Landscapes is able to provide the guidance and expertise you need to create your dream patio. From lighting and walkways to fire features, waterfalls, retaining walls and outdoor kitchens, we can create a customized space that your family will cherish for years to come. Contact us today and ask to speak with one of our patio design consultants!

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