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Winter Gem Boxwood

Green and gold go beautifully together in nature, and that’s exactly the combination that Winter Gem boxwood brings in the midst of winter – although the gold might be considered more of a bronze. Winter Gem is one of the most resilient cultivars of boxwoods, which, as an entire genus, are collectively known for their hardiness.

Before pruning, Winter Gem can reach about six feet tall and wide. It prefers partial to full sun, and weekly watering. Consider using Winter Gem as a border, divider or privacy screen for your garden, as its foliage is dense, and its height is reputable. Be sure to fertilize in early spring so this lovely shrub can regain its green hue from its winter bronze! If you are wary, please let High Tech Landscape provide your plant care.

Did You Know?
Boxwood plants were first brought to the U.S. (Long Island, NY, to be exact) from Amsterdam in 1653.

Other Fun Facts About Winter Gem Boxwood

  • Boxwoods make great topiaries because of their compact stature.
  • There are more than 365 known cultivars of boxwoods.
  • Boxwood can be seen in the garden of the White House in Washington, D.C.

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