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Viburnum is a large flowering shrub that is most known for its fragrant flowers and pretty berries. Viburnums belong to the Adoxaceae family of moschatels, and can be evergreen or deciduous.

There are more than 150 species of viburnum, some of which can grow as tall as 20 feet. While viburnums are beloved for their white or pink flowers in early spring, some are also planted for their fall foliage. Viburnums are relatively easy to care for, however, you should consult an expert for guidelines on planting them. Different species of viburnums prefer different amounts of sunlight and shade. If you’re planting many viburnums, be sure to space them at least five feet apart so they have room to grow.

Did You Know?
The stems of taller viburnums are used by archers as shafts for arrows.

Other Fun Facts About Viburnums

  • Viburnums were previously part of the Caprifoliaceae family of honeysuckles.
  • Some viburnum berries are edible. The plant itself is also known as the cranberry bush, and viburnums are a bona-fide alternative to cranberries. Just be sure to check before eating them, as certain species’ berries can be toxic.
  • Large viburnums are a fragrant and gorgeous way to section off parts of your landscape.
  • Viburnum can provide nesting cover for birds.

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