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Variegated Boxwood

In botany, “variegated” usually means a mix of white and green in the leaves, which is exactly what variegated boxwood brings. The contrast is striking from afar, and fascinating up close, as dark green and cream swirl together.

In addition to its year-round color, variegated boxwood also takes well to clipping; you can shape it creatively and keep it to an ideal height. Variegated boxwood prefers at least partial sun and weekly watering.

Did You Know?
Variegated boxwood fights off just about all pests and diseases. It is even deer resistant.

Other Fun Facts About Variegated Boxwood

  • In spring, variegated boxwood bursts with bright golden yellow.
  • Variegated boxwood originated in Europe and England.
  • Variegated boxwood doesn’t necessarily need to be trimmed. When left alone, the plant is low-maintenance and just as impressive, eventually reaching about eight feet tall.

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