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One of the most rewarding bulbs in gardening, the tulip belongs to the genus, Tulipa, in the lily family, Liliaceae. Tulips come in just about every color imaginable, and similarly to roses, each color means something different. Red tulips are a symbol of true love, while yellow tulips are associated with cheerful thoughts.

To bring the beauty of tulips to your home garden, you have to plan(t) ahead. Tulips are planted in early fall, to bloom in early spring. In New Jersey, tulips are almost synonymous with the arrival of spring, thanks to their dazzling display of color.

Did You Know?
There are more than 150 species and 3,000 different registered varieties of tulips in the world. With all of those shades, shapes and combinations, it’s no wonder why tulips are the stars of spring!

Other Fun Facts About Tulips

  • Tulip flower buds are almost flawlessly symmetrical.
  • Tulips only actually bloom for 3-7 days.
  • “Tulip mania” was a period in the Dutch Golden Age (1600s) when tulips were said to cost 10 times more than an average working-class salary in the Netherlands. They were even worth more than homes!
  • Today, the Netherlands leads the world in tulip exports at more than three billion bulbs per year.
  • Tulip petals make a lovely, edible garnish.
  • Tulips need NJ’s cold winter nights to be able to grow.

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