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Comprising 100-some species of flowering shrubs, the Spiraea genus has its fair share of real estate in home gardens across the U.S. Spelled slightly differently than their genus name, spirea plants are known for being easy on both the eyes and the hands. They’re very simple to maintain, especially considering their colorful clusters of flowers.

One of the most popular spirea bushes, Little Princess, boasts bright pink flowers in spring and summer with virtually no maintenance required. But even the easiest going garden plants require some thought and care, so be sure to give your spirea(s) a sunny spot with well-drained soil and deep watering for the plant(s) to get established.

Did You Know?
The Spiraea genus is part of the rose (Rosaceae) family.

Other Fun Facts About Spirea

  • Butterflies and birds love spirea, while deer generally hate spirea. It’s the ideal combination for a home gardener to maintain healthy spirea shrubs.
  • Spirea flowers are often thought to symbolize wealth and abundance.
  • Little Princess Spirea stands up to not only deer, but also pests, plant diseases, heat, drought, and cold temperatures. In other words, she’s strong!
  • Native Americans use certain species of spirea for everything from food and tea to medicine and household supplies.

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