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Skip Laurel

Looking for a large shrub to provide privacy for your garden or backyard? Look no further than skip laurel, also known as any combination of schip, schipka and cherry laurel. This evergreen shrub requires virtually no maintenance once established and will grow up to two feet per year to its mature height of 10-18 feet.

You can choose to prune your skip laurel hedges, or let them grow naturally for a fuller look. Skip laurel will withstand both the hot summers and cold winters in NJ, giving a beautiful backdrop to your landscape with dense, shiny foliage.

Did You Know?
The crushed leaves of skip laurel have a scent similar to that of almond.

Other Fun Facts About Skip Laurel

  • In spring, skip laurel grows fragrant white flowers. In summer, the flowers give way to small, dark, cherry-like berries.
  • Skip laurel is drought resistant, deer resistant, pollution resistant and generally pest-free.
  • Skip laurel’s scientific name is Prunus laurocerasus ‘Schipkaensis.

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