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serbian spruce

Serbian Spruce

While many spruce trees are wide and full, the Serbian spruce is unique for its slender frame. Make no mistake, however, this spruce is still hardy enough to withstand New Jersey’s cold winters and hot summers.

Growing as tall as 60 feet with a 20-25-foot spread, Serbian spruce is an ideal addition to a landscape that needs some interest above eye level but without taking up too much space. Plant Serbian spruce in full sun or partial shade, and watch it grow roughly a foot or two each year. Serbian spruce prefers moist but well-drained soil, whether acidic or alkaline.

Did You Know?
Serbian spruce can grow over 100 feet tall in its natural habitat.

Other Fun Facts About Serbian Spruce

  • There is a “mini” cultivar of Serbian spruce that grows just 8-10-feet tall—still somewhat towering to us humans, nevertheless.
  • Serbian spruce was first discovered on western Serbia’s Tara Mountain in 1875.
  • Serbian spruce is notably tolerant of air pollution.
  • Though less popular than the Norway spruce, Serbian spruce is commonly used as a Christmas tree.

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