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Sedum Autumn Joy

Light green leaves and pastel pink flowers make sedum Autumn Joy a popular perennial in home gardens everywhere. The flowers bring a unique tint to early fall before fading into the rustic palette. Make no mistake, Autumn Joy holds winter interest, too, even when the buds are spent.

Plant Autumn Joy in full sun or partial shade and expect a medium growth rate. Another reason to love Autumn Joy is its low maintenance. This plant has minimal water needs and can thrive in virtually any type of soil. Use it for beds, borders, containers and more!

Did You Know?
There are hundreds of species of sedums, also commonly known as stonecrops.

Other Fun Facts About Sedum Autumn Joy

  • Autumn Joy’s flowers can at times look like pink broccoli.
  • Autumn Joy attracts butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees.
  • Sedum is drought tolerant.

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