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Royal Burgundy Barberry

The majestic name doesn’t disappoint, as Royal Burgundy Barberry brings deep crimson foliage to your garden. Velvety leaves hold their color through summer, darkening in fall before giving way to shiny berries in winter.

This shrub is one of the most versatile plants you will find. Plant it around your home’s foundation, along pathways, in containers, and throughout your garden. Royal Burgundy Barberry prefers well-drained soil, full sun, and weekly watering (or more, in extreme heat).

Did You Know?
Royal Burgundy Barberry is one of nearly 500 species of barberries.

 Other Fun Facts About Royal Burgundy Barberry

  • Barberries are native to Japan and Eastern Asia and were not officially recorded until after World War I.
  • Royal Burgundy Barberry was voted the top plant of 2010 by the American Nursery and Landscape Association.
  • Barberry plants get their name from their sharp, barb-like thorns.

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