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Purple Leaf Plum

An ornamental plant is one that is grown primarily for aesthetics, which the purple leaf plum tree delivers in elegant fashion. Also known as cherry plums, purple leaf plum trees are known for their deep maroon leaves, paired with white and light pink flowers in early spring.

Plant a purple leaf plum tree in full sun to ensure you see those beautiful blossoms in April and May. Sun also helps the tree keep its unique foliage color, which will turn the typical green if it gets too much shade. You can expect a purple leaf plum tree to grow a foot or two each year, reaching up to 25 feet at maturity. Water weekly, or a little more often during summer heat waves.

Did You Know?
Purple leaf plum trees grow small, edible fruits after blooming. Give them a try around mid-summer when they’re ripe. If you’re feeling creative, make them into jam!

Other Fun Facts About Purple Leaf Plum

  • Purple leaf plum trees are commonly found in Japanese gardens.
  • The purple leaf plum is considered both an ornamental and flowering tree.
  • You have competition for those purple leaf plum fruits; birds and wildlife love them, too.

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