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Ornamental Kale

Looking to bring some color to a stark winter landscape? Look no further than ornamental cabbage and kale, colorful cousins of two produce aisle mainstays. Ornamental kale can withstand most New Jersey winters, so long as we don’t see record snowfall and single digit temperatures for an unusually long period of time.

Homeowners love ornamental kale for its large, colorful leaves and flowers, most commonly found in shades of lavender. It looks great virtually anywhere, from the porch to the garden to the pathways around your home. Ornamental kale does not grow notably, making it easy to account for in your garden. Just be sure to place it in ample sun when planting.

Did You Know?
The sooner you plant ornamental kale in winter, the more colorful it can become as it thrives in cold air.

Other Fun Facts About Ornamental Kale

  • Ornamental kale can grow to 2 feet tall.
  • Ornamental kale is technically edible, but will taste much less palatable than edible varieties of kale due to its bitterness.
  • Together, ornamental kale and mums make for a fantastic fall garden.

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