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October Glory Maple

October Glory maple lives up to its name with bright orange and crimson leaves in mid to late fall. But, October isn’t the only time this tree is glorious – it boasts pretty red flowers in spring and lush green leaves in summer, bringing year-round appeal.

Scientifically named Acer rubrum and more commonly referred to simply as red maple, October Glory is deciduous and grows best in full sun. It is not too finicky about soil, but seems to prefer slightly acidic soils such as clay or sand. October Glory is native to the U.S. East Coast, and thus grows brilliantly here in New Jersey.

Did You Know?
October Glory grows relatively quickly at 1-2 feet per season, eventually reaching 40-50 feet tall with a 25-35-foot spread.

Other Fun Facts About October Glory Maple

  • October Glory is often used to create shade along sidewalks and in parks.
  • October Glory produces maple syrup, though nothing nearly as delicious as the black or sugar varieties you see in stores.
  • Despite insinuating October foliage, October Glory is known to hold out more toward November before beginning to show its fall splendor.

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