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Oak Leaf Holly

From the prized Red Holly series sprouts Oak Leaf holly, the most upright of its hybrid relatives. This evergreen shrub grows in a pyramidal shape, with bright red berries in winter and bronze to burgundy leaf growth in spring.

Oak Leaf holly brings year-round interest and privacy. Plant it in partial to full sun and watch it grow quickly. Just about any soil will do. Be sure to keep an eye out for powdery mildew; to avoid this fungal disease to which Oak Leaf holly is prone, it’s best to set in place an ongoing fungicide program with your landscaper.

Did You Know?
Oak Leaf Holly is a hermaphrodite, which means it does not require a separate male plant in order to grow its berries.

Other Fun Facts About Oak Leaf Holly

  • Oak Leaf holly holds its unique foliage for several weeks, making it a standout of spring.
  • At 14 feet tall in maturity, Oak Leaf holly is a large shrub that essentially qualifies as a small tree.
  • Oak Leaf holly has genes from three different holly species.

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