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norway spruce

Norway Spruce

Its scientific name is Picea abies, but most people see it simply as the Christmas tree. Growing up to 60 feet tall at a rapid rate of approximately two feet per year, the Norway spruce makes for an impressive—and, in December, convenient—addition to a sprawling backyard landscape. This towering tree is native to Europe and naturalized in the U.S., particularly in the Northeast and Great Lakes regions.

Planting a Norway spruce is relatively easy, with little to no grass preparation required. It can grow in shade, partial shade or full sun, and will weather the extremes of every season. It’s also resistant to insects and deer. Of course, be sure to give your Norway spruce enough width to grow out as it grows up.

Did You Know?
The Christmas tree at New York City’s Rockefeller Center is usually a Norway spruce.

Other Fun Facts About Norway Spruce

  • Norway spruce trees are also planted on Cedar Hill in Central Park, NYC.
  • The oldest Norway spruce is a 9,560-year-old tree in Sweden named Tjikko.
  • A Norway spruce tree contains both male and female cones. The females are the large, elongated ones.

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