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Moonbeam Coreopsis

The quintessential summer wildflower blooms all season long in Moonbeam coreopsis. Also commonly referred to as tickseed, Moonbeam is beloved by home gardeners for its plentiful yellow flowers.

Plant Moonbeam in full sun and loamy soil. It will grow to about two feet tall at maturity, bearing clusters of daisy-like summer blossoms that return each year. This versatile perennial belongs to the Coreopsis genus native to North America and, more broadly, the Asteraceae family of flowering plants.

Did You Know?
Coreopsis gets its name from the seeds of its flowers, which the Greeks labeled, “bug-like”—thus the name, “tickseed.”

Other Fun Facts About Moonbeam Coreopsis

  • Coreopsis is one of the few flowers known widely by its scientific name.
  • Moonbeam coreopsis is drought-tolerant.
  • A coreopsis’ summer bloom will usually last until the first frost.
  • Coreopsis attracts pollinators such as butterflies and birds.

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