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know your plants Magnolia


If you’re considering planting a flowering tree—whether, for curb appeal, privacy or shade—magnolia is an excellent and iconic choice. Though synonymous with the south, magnolia trees can be found all over the U.S.—even as far north as Maine.

Out of the eight species of magnolia that are native to the U.S., six are deciduous and two are evergreen. The top picks for New Jersey and the Mid-Atlantic include Magnolia virginiana and Magnolia grandiflora. Up north, it’s best to plant magnolia trees in spring. The sun exposure and space requirement will depend on the type of magnolia you choose. Magnolias can range from 15 to 80 feet tall, with a spread of 30 to 50 feet!

Did You Know?

  • Fossils from magnolia trees date back over 95 million years, making magnolia the earliest known flowering plant. 

Other Fun Facts About Magnolia

  • Magnolia wood is frequently used in furniture.
  • In Chinese medicine, magnolia bark is believed to help treat anxiety.
  • Both Louisiana and Mississippi recognize magnolia as their respective state flowers.
  • Some magnolia flowers are as large as 14 inches across.
  • Beetles are the main pollinators of magnolia, as the trees were around even before bees. Over their long history, magnolia trees have slowly evolved their flowers to attract bees as well.

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