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Little Henry® Sweetspire

Flowers or foliage? With Little Henry Sweetspire, you can enjoy both! Trademarked in 1998 by Spring Meadow Nursery in Michigan, this deciduous shrub passes all the tests of a great gardening pick with flying colors.

In summer, Little Henry boasts plentiful white blooms with a uniquely elongated shape. The flowers have a touch of lovely fragrance, too. Meanwhile, the leaves turn a bright, vibrant green, eventually giving way to gorgeous fall foliage in shades of red, yellow and orange. Plant Little Henry Sweetspire during spring, wherever you see fit. It can thrive in any combination of sun and shade. That said, the more sun it gets, the more summer flowers and fall foliage you’ll see.

Did You Know?
Little Henry Sweetspire is native to North America—a true homegrown plant! It was first discovered as a branch on a tree in Kentucky.

Other Fun Facts About Little Henry Sweetspire

  • Little Henry is the more compact cousin of another Sweetspire called Henry’s Garnet. Little Henry grows to only about three feet tall and three feet wide, thus the name, “Little.”
  • Little Henry often attracts pollinators like bees and butterflies.
  • Little Henry is drought tolerant and deer resistant.

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