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know your plants Liriope


Every outdoor space can use a low-maintenance ground cover. With long, green leaves and flashy, violet flowers, liriope is an excellent choice.

Also known as lilyturf, liriope grows in a mound shape, roughly a foot tall and a foot wide. Those lovely little flowers bloom in mid to late summer. There are two main types of liriope in the U.S.: muscari (big blue lilyturf) and spicata (creeping lily turf). We recommend muscari for smaller areas and spicata for more sprawling landscapes, as spicata grows rapidly.

Plant liriope in full sun to partial shade and well-drained clay or sandy soil. Be sure to add a layer of mulch before winter and trim the leaves before spring.

Did You Know?

  • In Greek mythology, a nymph named Liriope bore the river-god, Cephisus, a son named Narcissus.

Other Fun Facts About Liriope

  • Liriope’s summer flowers give way to clusters of berries that can last into winter.
  • Liriope is drought and salt spray tolerant, the latter making it ideal for coastal homes.
  • Other common names for liriope include monkey grass, spider grass and border grass.
  • Despite its name, lilyturf is neither grass nor lily. It belongs to the asparagus family.

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