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know your plants Lavender


This fragrant, flowering perennial needs no introduction. Known and loved around the world, lavender is a genus of nearly 50 species in the mint family—and you can grow just about any of them in your backyard!

Place lavender in neutral, well-drained soil and full sunlight. Depending on how far south you live, the ideal time to plant your lavender will be early summer or early fall. Be sure to choose a spot that you can easily access to sniff the fresh, familiar scent whenever you please. Lavender is eye candy, too, bringing beautiful pops of purple to your landscape.

Did You Know?
While many lavender species have blue or purple flowers, a select few are yellow or pink.

 Other Fun Facts About Lavender

  • You probably recognize lavender as an essential oil used in aromatherapy. Lavender oil is believed to be both antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. It is perhaps most noted for promoting relaxation.
  • Lavender plants are drought tolerant.
  • The Ancient Greeks used lavender to treat insomnia (also, backaches).
  • While humans love the scent of lavender, some bugs find it repelling (a good thing)!
  • Lavender flowers have many perceived meanings, including purity, devotion, grace and serenity.

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