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Like a tree full of bright bouquets, hydrangea blooms brilliantly from late spring to early fall. The Hydrangea genus includes nearly 100 species that can be found all over the world, including right here in New Jersey. But make no mistake, it’s rare to find a tree so compact–hydrangeas only grow to about 8 feet, max–yet so impressive during bloom. Hydrangeas’ pastel pinks, greens and blues are truly a sight to see.

Hydrangea is a very low-maintenance plant that can even withstand drought conditions. It is just as adaptable as it is beautiful! That said; hydrangea is best planted in ample shade, with well-drained soil containing organic matter. Need help to see if your yard is ideal for a hydrangea? Contact High Tech Landscapes for more information on NJ tree service.

Did You Know?
The clusters of flowers that you see on hydrangea trees in summer actually come from the tips of shoots formed the previous summer.

Other Fun Facts About Hydrangea

  • Hydrangea is mentioned in Lana Del Rey’s song, “Old Money.”
  • Hydrangeas’ colors are affected by aluminum ions in their soil.
  • The American Hydrangea Society (AHS) has been going 20+ years strong, and welcomes all hydrangea enthusiasts to study, learn and appreciate the Hydrangea genus together.

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