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Fragrant and flowery in spring, hyacinths can be found in home gardens across New Jersey. They typically bloom from March to April, depending on when winter loosens its grip.

The roughly 30 varieties in the Hyacinthus genus range in color from lavender to magenta to white. If you take a close look at any hyacinth’s small, narrow flowers, you might notice they are shaped like stars. Plant hyacinths in fall – when the soil is cool, but well before the first frost – in a spot that receives at least partial sun. Don’t worry, they will weather the cold temperatures and come alive in early spring!

Did You Know?
The word “hyacinth” can be traced back 4,000 years to an ancient language called Thracopelasgian, spoken in the Mediterranean and Middle East. The origin of the flower is found in Greek mythology, and hyacinths are believed to have dotted the lands of the earliest civilizations including the ancient Greeks and Romans.

Other Fun Facts About Hyacinth

  • Hyacinths have been commercially cultivated since the 1550s.
  • In the language of flowers from the Victorian Era, the hyacinth symbolizes sport.
  • Different colors of hyacinths now represent different emotions, such as blue for sincerity, purple for sorrow and white for love or prayer.
  • The hyacinth belongs to the asparagus family. No food to be found on this plant, though. In fact, it can be toxic to pets and people.

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