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Hoopsii Blue Spruce

Known for its shimmery color and long, pointy needles, the Hoopsii spruce stands out as the “truest blue” of the spruce family. While spruce trees are native to the central and southern Rocky Mountains, the Hoopsii variety originated in Germany in the 1950s. The cultivar was then introduced to the nursery industry via the Netherlands—and is now embraced by arborists and gardeners for its year-round color, exceptional hardiness, and iconic pyramid shape.

Hoopsii blue spruce trees are a member of the Colorado blue spruce (Picea pungens) family. Generally considered deer resistant, the spruce variety requires routine pruning to maintain a tidy cone shape.

Did You Know?
Hoopsii blue spruce trees are unusually tolerant of inner-city pollution and are known to thrive in crowded, urban environments as well as home gardens and open areas.

Fun Facts About Hoopsii Blue Spruce

  • The Hoopsii spruce tends to develop long, unruly leaders, making it difficult to prune into a shapely plant. Some gardeners prefer the cultivar’s natural, unpruned form, which adds personality and variety to virtually any garden space.
  • Hoopsii trees should be planted with plenty of room to accommodate their average 12-inch annual growth. Ten-year height averages 15 feet or more, and fully mature trees grow up to 50 feet tall.
  • For best results, plant your Hoopsii blue spruce in full sunlight. The tree is adaptable to drought and moisture—but is unable to live in standing water.
  • Blue spruce trees are a popular choice for home and city landscaping. They are also beloved for holiday decorating, thanks to their supportive, upturned branches.

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