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Green Velvet Boxwood

If you appreciate artfully manicured hedges, the green velvet boxwood provides the dense foliage, bright green hue and low-lying stature for creating a best-in-the-neighborhood display. Even if you choose not to prune, this hardy evergreen will hold its wonderfully rounded form.

Perhaps the best characteristic of green velvet boxwood is that it retains its deep color (with a tinge of bronze) even in winter; just be sure to shield it from heavy wind and snow. The shrub grows at a rate of less than a foot per year to a mature height of 2-4 feet tall. Choose any soil so long as it is not a wet soil, and plant your green velvet boxwoods in a spot receiving at least 4-5 hours of direct sunlight daily.

Did You Know?
Green velvet boxwood plants grow small clusters of spring flowers that you can smell but hardly see due to their pale green-cream color.

Other Fun Facts About Green Velvet Boxwood

  • Boxwood plants have been cultivated dating back to the ancient Romans and Greeks.
  • Green velvet boxwood is a hybrid cultivar from European and Japanese boxwood species.
  • Deer and other wildlife tend to pass on eating boxwood plants, as they contain toxic (and bad-tasting) alkaloids.

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