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Green Mountain Boxwood

Whether planted as an accent or focal point, Green Mountain boxwood brings dense, deep green foliage to your landscape year-round. This hybrid of Korean and evergreen boxwoods can grow up to five feet tall and three feet wide, free-form or sculpted.

Green Mountain’s combination of hardiness and handsomeness makes it a favorite among homeowners from New England all the way down to the Southeast, with New Jersey and the Mid-Atlantic providing perfect growing conditions right in the middle of the road. Plant Green Mountain boxwood in partial sun and lightly acidic soil, perhaps with a bit of mulch to encourage water and nutrient retention.

Did You Know?
In addition to its lush green leaves, Green Mountain boxwood boasts tiny yellow flowers in early spring.

Other Fun Facts About Green Mountain Boxwood

  • Green Mountain boxwood makes a great addition to many different garden themes, including Zen, Mediterranean and Contemporary.
  • There are approximately 70 species in the boxwood, or Buxus, genus.
  • Despite its limited size, boxwood is considered an ideal wood for carving.

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