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Goshiki Osmanthus

The first time you see Goshiki Osmanthus’ leaves, you will be amazed. Yellow, orange, pink, cream, and white swirl into many pointy edges, creating a unique shape, palette, and texture all at once. The leaves eventually turn green while retaining spots of the other colors.

Perhaps better known as Goshiki False Holly, this evergreen shrub is easy to grow. Enjoy year-round color by planting Goshiki in well-drained soil and partial to full sun. Water at least weekly. Fertilize in early spring.

Did You Know?
Goshiki means “five colors” in Japanese. We weren’t exaggerating when we described the colorful leaves!

Other Fun Facts About Goshiki Osmanthus

  • Prepare for a spectacular first year of foliage after planting Goshiki. After that, the show may tame just a tad.
  • The Osmanthus species is mentioned in the Kojiki, the oldest surviving historical record of Japan.
  • Goshiki earned the 2012 Award of Garden Merit from the Royal Horticulture Society in the UK.
  • Occasionally, Goshiki Osmanthus will have hidden clusters of dainty little flowers in late summer.

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