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Globe Blue Spruce

With the scientific name, Picea pungens ‘Globosa,’ the globe blue spruce is a low-lying, needled evergreen shrub that gets its name from its circular shape. The blue spruce species is native to the Rocky Mountains and also known as Colorado spruce. While blue spruce trees can grow over 150 feet tall in their natural environment and 60 feet tall in cultivation, the globe spruce itself will not grow any taller than you. It maxes out at roughly 5 feet, with a 5-6-foot diameter.

Globe blue spruce can be grown in New Jersey when planted in partial to full sun. Its needles will stay nice and vibrant year-round, perhaps with a slightly brighter hue in spring. Water at least weekly, with a little extra during heat waves.

Did You Know?
The blue spruce is the State Tree of Colorado, and was also the State Tree of Utah until 2014, when it was replaced by the quaking aspen.

Other Fun Facts About Globe Blue Spruce

  • In the blue spruce’s scientific name, “pungens” means “sharply pointed,” characteristic of the tree’s needles.
  • Native Americans used blue spruce both medicinally and ceremonially.
  • In traditional medicine, blue spruce needles are infused into a liquid applied externally for rheumatic pains.

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