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Fringe Tree

A fringe tree can be a fantastic addition to a New Jersey landscape. Native to the southeastern U.S. and able to grow just about anywhere in the country, fringe trees typically blossom in early spring with fragrant white flowers. Deep green leaves last through summer, giving way to bright yellow foliage in fall.

Fringe trees go by the scientific name Chionanthus virginicus. They can grow anywhere from 10 to 20 feet tall – short enough to fit in most backyards, but tall enough to provide a canopy of shade on those hot summer days. Plant a fringe tree in moist but well-drained soil and full sun. Fringe trees don’t transplant well, so try to pick a permanent spot for your tree to grow and thrive.

Did You Know?
The fringe tree is also commonly referred to in the South as “Old Man’s Beard” and “Grancy Graybeard.”

Other Fun Facts About Fringe Trees

  • Male fringe trees have showier blooms; females have bluish berries.
  • Birds and other wildlife love to snack on fringe tree berries.
  • Southern Living proclaims the fringe tree to be “the best native tree nobody grows.”
  • Thanks to their sturdy branches, fringe trees rarely require pruning.

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